Any data source

Interactive reports could be prepared literally in a few minutes after connecting to any data source (ERP production base, Excel, cloud bases).

In more complex environments, we provide assistance in building a data warehouse integrating information from various sources.


Module for preparing reports
Reports prepared in Designer are saved in xml format in the tree structure of the directory used by Viewer. This allows for a transparent systematization of many reports from various fields of interest to the person using the lists and trouble-free navigation in situations where there are many of these lists.

Report definitions are encrypted.

Building reports is intuitive. It consists in choosing a data source, followed by the presentation and indication of specific fields. You can add your own fields as a result of operations on other fields, apply initial filters, group and associate with each other.

There are many ways to visualize data - various types of tables, including pivot tables, dozens of types of charts, indicators, cards and maps. With one click you can decide whether the finished report should refresh the data automatically, which can be used when observing changes "live".


Module for viewing reports
Reports can be equipped with filters and search engines that will instantly allow you to go from general to detail.

Each result report can be printed or exported to one of the following formats: PDF, XLS, JPG. There is also a mechanism for sending the report as an attachment to the email directly from the Viewer.

Desktop and web versions are available. On request, we integrate our solutions with other applications used by the client and expand with additional functionalities, e.g. access control.

Customers about SOS Dashboard

We've been using SOSDashboard for several months. It streamlined and greatly accelerated the reporting process to the mother company as well as preparation of analyzes for internal needs.

It allows us to look at information we have from different perspectives, enabling us to catch non-obvious trends, or painfully verify subjective opinions.

SOSDashboard also helps in the everyday work of sales representatives - we can get various reports very quickly - from typical and obvious KPIs to specific, built ad hoc, resulting from the need of the moment.
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Michał Macocha
vice president of the board
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